Assembly and installation guide simplyAIR

It´s very simply

Tools required:

Recommended spacing of fastening brackets

simplyAIR profiles 2,5 to 3,0 m.

Caution: For outdoor installation

For outdoor installation 90° elbows should be used, item number ...27!

Fitting straight plates oder angled plates

After profil has been sawn ist must be deburred to prevent damage to O-rings.

Push connector into the profile
simplyair zusammenstecken

Put straight or angled plates in place. Center the plates. Caution: Plates must lie flat on the profile!
simplyair Platten positionieren

Fully tighten using hex key or ratchet - and that’s it!
simlyair bis Anschlag anziehen

Fitting the outlet plates

Using drilling tool: For Drill hole using conical drill or drilling tool.
simplyair Ausgangsplatte ansetzen

Put outlet plate in position, check that the strips are fully engaged in the profile.
simplyair Sitz der Ausgangsplatte prüfen

Tighten using hex key or ratchet - and that’s it!
siplyair Ausgangsplatte anziehen

Fit ball valve to outlet plate and place in position, tighten bolts on the strips. Open ball valve - drill hole - withdraw drill - close ball valve - that’s it!
simlyair Anbohrvorrichtung einsetzen

Initial operation


Before removing individual connectors ensure that the entire pipe system is depressurized.


Installation ALS

It´s very simply

Mounting of fastening brackets

Recommended spacing of fastening brackets: ALS round pipes 2.0 to 2.5 m


Cut pipe: The cut must be straight. Use a pipe cutter.
Rundrohrsystem ALS abschneiden

Chamfer the pipe: Chamfering the outside of the pipe makes the pipe easier to insert.
Rundrohrsystem ALS anfasen

Insert pipe: To insert the pipe rotate it slightly and pusch all the way into the connector.
Rundrohrsystem ALS einstecken

Caution: Push pipe all the way in, mark insertion depth if necessary!


Caution: Before removing individual connectors ensure that the entire pipe system is depressurized!
Rundrohrsystem ALS demontieren